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My Mission
I'm Jolinda, the insignia for Jolinda, Inc. My story begins in Birmingham, Alabama, where my designer Montgomery created me as a rag doll. Over the years, I have been incorporated into various collections. Whereever you see my face appear—on T-shirts, purses, labels, hangtags or buttons—it is all an evolution of my original rag doll prototype.

In Alabama, denim, the American staple, stirred Montgomery's creative energies. This stimulation took the form of a variety of witty, eclectic garments and accessories featuring my visage. Over the years, the silhouettes have changed,
but my face has remained the sole physical presence in the line. That is until now…
I am now happily married to the very handsome Papa Jo and we have two beautiful children, Baby Jo and Baby JoJo.

In addition to a new family, we bade farewell to our Soho location. Presently, the collection is featured in Montgomery's new boutique in Harlem, with my namesake, Jolinda, Inc. Here Montgomery continues to showcase her latest designs, as well as signature pieces from her private collection. Of course, Jolina & Family memoriabilia is also featured. The decor and ambiance of the boutique reflect a lively mixture of many cultures, and invites you to begin your odyssey the moment you enter.

We are pleased with our new home in Harlem and look forward to seeing all our friends, and of course, making new ones.
Let your jouney begin …

Jolinda & Family

Jolinda's Family

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